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Smart Shades are part of the fast-growing market of home automation, which presents you and your business with an opportunity to substantially increase your earnings.

Nowadays, more and more homes, condos and commercial spaces are being built with all-around glass. This growing trend represents a unique business opportunity to introduce more consumers to the convenience of pressing one single button to open or close their shades.

What’s more, corded manual shades are quickly being eliminated from the market because of the risk to babies and toddlers. Not selling motorized shades means your business is missing out on a big opportunity to address this very important issue.

Teaming-up with Clara Shades can help you deliver with a proven product and highly-efficient process.

Best of all, you will have access to a team of shade and smart home experts, and to new resources purpose-built to help you get quotes out faster and close more opportunities.

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Thinking of becoming a Clara Shades dealer partner?

Discover the best experience in the industry. We understand the role dealers play in promoting our shades. That’s why our priority is to create a reseller environment based on a culture of integrity and meaningful collaboration.

Experts you can count on.

Our team of automation experts will support you and answer all your technical questions so every job can get done fast and without a hitch.

Clara Shades Dealer Portal

The Dealer portal is designed to deliver quote instantly, because the sooner you give your customers a proposal, the faster you can move towards completing the project.

Grow your revenu

As a dealer, you can tap into a proven resource that will boost your profits, reduce your expenses and help you be more competitive.

Dealer Portal

Our dealer portal comes with a series of features that are designed to make every consultation successful and every project effortless.

  • Simulator integration tool - See what our shades look like in context.
  • Quick quote - Get a clear idea of pricing.
  • Learning platform - Get answers to specific questions and guidance through the entire process with our library of educational videos and insightful content.
  • Expert access - Connect with on-staff integrators who can help you make the right decisions.

See what our clients are saying

Fabien K

Excellent product, and an outstanding team with excellent service. Installation was super simple, and the product worked exactly as advertised. I would definitely recommend these to anyone!

Dina B

My project consisted of several windows synchronized together with motorized blinds. Excellent quality. Thanks Clara Shades I would recommend you to all my friends and would use your product to complete the other windows of my house.

Claude M

The motorized shade solution simply stands out, changes the decor of our house, adds value and makes our life simpler, especially with kids.

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